Worldwide Travel Insurance Reviews (Which Money)

How do I find the best worldwide travel insurance?

Whether you are taking just one trip or many trips worldwide in the next 12 months, our Best Rate policies will give you the cover you need at an affordable price. Which? Best Rate travel insurance policies provide the cheapest cover meeting our stringent criteria. Our policies include at least £2m of medical cover for Europe and £5m worldwide, £1,500 of cover for baggage and personal belongings, and £3,000 for cancellation or curtailment. We have also analysed the 22 most important elements of your travel insurance policy to see which providers offer the best all-round cover, including missed departures, delays, holiday and airline failure, terrorism cover and volcanic ash.  It is worth noting that policy details can change depending on whether you buy direct or via a comparison site. Always check the terms and conditions of your policy carefully.

How does our Best Rate travel insurance work?

Our Best Rate tables cover five groups of travellers.  Adults under 65 Adults age 65 to 69 Adults age 70 to 74 Adults age 75 to 79 Adults age 80 and over Families

The premiums in this table cover 24-day single trip worldwide cover, including the USA. Premiums were gathered during March 2019. Always check with the insurer before getting a policy, as premiums may have changed.   This information is updated on a six-monthly basis – we’ll next update the tables in July 2020.

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