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Workout nutrition, especially in pre and post workout plans, plays a huge part in realizing your fitness goals. See our workout nutrition tips here!

We know that developing a consistent exercise routine is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But did you know it’s also essential to consider what kinds of foods are being consumed before and after training? Workout nutrition plays a huge role in your exercise effectiveness, but also in your body’s functioning before, during, and after your workout.

There are specific recommendations to think about for pre and post workout nutrition since eating habits impact your weight, especially for men over 50. Our metabolism changes as we age and we may burn fewer calories, so meals need planning as compared to earlier periods in your life. Nutritional timing is the consumption of nutrients in and/or around an exercise routine and planned out to optimize performance and muscular development.


Although there is evidence to support you should eat protein post-workout, recent research is finding that protein, in amounts at 0.4–0.5 g/kg of lean body mass, taken before a workout may be just as beneficial for muscular adaptation.

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Skeletal muscle is important for health and performance during exercise and physical activity. Skeletal muscle mass (SMM) helps with strength and performance, reducing risk of diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Therefore, considering foods that will assist with skeletal muscle mass pre and post workout and help both with the effectiveness of your workout routine and your overall health.

Studies show, besides skeletal muscle, 1.0 to 1.3 g/kg per day of protein combined with progressive resistance exercise two times per week reduces age-related muscle mass loss and optimizes physical functioning.

As a general practice, men should include a variety of healthy foods into their diet across the day to maximize the benefits they gain from their workout. But when we talk on specifics for pre and post-workouts and obtaining the best results, include the following throughout your day to gain the most from your consistent exercise routine:

Source: The 55 Lifestyle


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