What to wear to stay stylish when you’re over 50 (www.gransnet.com)

After many conversations about fashion over 50 – and what not to wear – we thought it was time to put all our tips in one place.

We’ve heard a few controversial pieces of advice in our time, which made us ask… what’s the real secret to dressing well when you’re over 50? We know our gransnetters are a stylish bunch, so we asked for their fashion tips and how to make the most of your wardrobe. And, if you’re still struggling, we’ve put together a handy quiz further down so you can find out which personal style suits you best. Très chic indeed!

Over 50s fashion: what to avoid

1. Steer clear of old-fashioned skirts

Looking for trendy clothes for a 50 year old woman? Then you probably don’t want to end up looking like Margaret Thatcher. Note that old-fashioned and classic are two completely different kettles of fish – and one of them stinks. Classic white shirt? Excellent choice. Calf-length pleated tartan? Think again. As one gransnetter puts it:

“Avoid tweed skirt suits teamed with lace-up brogues…and anything crimplene.”
The trick with longer skirts is how you style them. Brogues and flesh coloured tights are very dating, whereas a comfy pair of boots or tennis shoes instantly gives a knee or calf-length skirt a fresher look. Wear with a plain but well cut t-shirt or shirt – and make sure you tuck it into the waistband, otherwise you end up with the ol’ ‘sack of spuds’ look.

2. Don’t go for fleeces

It all depends on body type of course, but do certain styles age you before your time? According to gransnetters, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Now don’t get us wrong – a cosy fleece jacket is great to walk the dogs in, especially come the winter months. It’s when that fleece jacket starts accompanying you on evenings out and lunch with friends that you might want to re-evaluate your wardrobe choices… As gransnetters say:

“Never ever wear fleeces.”

Instead, choose a cool, slouchy cardigan, preferably longline, or a more structured ‘coatigan’ for smarter occasions.

When it comes to coats, opt for neutral colours that go with everything, and classic styles – take note of the tailoring and fit. A slightly nipped in waist is a good idea, as is a longer length. Avoid a hooded duffle coat if you’re looking for a multi-tasker. All those peg buttons and the boxy shape can look a bit ‘school days’.

3. Hide elasticated waistbands

Elasticated waistlines have a bad rep but they’re comfy, so we see no reason to outlaw them. Happily, hiding the waistline of your trousers or skirt is easily done by wearing a longline top or, if you’re after a bit of waist definition, tucking your top in and then pulling out just enough to cover the band (in a cool, slouchy sort of way). Easy as pie. Alternatively, ditch the jogging bottoms and opt for a comfortable pair of loose tie-waist trousers. Like this gransnetter says:

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