The Most Iconic and Treasured British Musicians 65 and Over

Some of the most famous and greatest British musicians we know and love are now over the age of 65, but their songs remain as fresh as ever and they continue to have grandparents, parents and children dancing and singing.

For many of us, their music brings back memories from events and times during their life.

This guide takes a look at some of the most iconic British musicians and these range from rock royalty to pop icons. Their songs have been enormously  popular for many many years with some of their tracks regarded by fans as the greatest of all time.

The below infographic highlights some of the most iconic British musicians 65 and over and details some of their most famous songs and some trivia about them. The guide then looks at each featured artist and gets comments from their fans.

We thank Age UK Mobility allowing us to show this infographic.

British musicians 65 and over

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