The Benefits of Using Linen Bedding?

Linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics and has been used for many years. From sustainability and durability to hidden health qualities, we explore the many benefits of linen sheets.

Linen becomes softer after each wash

How do you like your bedding to feel? Get linen sheets wrong and they can feel stiff and rough. Get linen sheets right and they will feel irresistibly soft and airy, like someone whipped up the clouds and spun them into bedding.

We like to compare linen bedding to a fine wine… it gets better and better with age. The more you sleep in linen, and the more you wash it, the softer your linen duvet and sheet set will become.

We spent two years with our mill in Portugal perfecting the feel of our pure linen sheets so they’re ultra-soft from the get-go (the type of soft it usually takes many washes to achieve).

Linen bedding is ideal for sensitive skin

There are many health benefits of linen sheets – particularly when it comes to skin. One of the biggest aggravators for sensitive skin is sleeping in tough, scratchy or synthetic material and that’s where the softness of natural linen can be a real treat if you have delicate skin.

If this wasn’t enough to win you over, the natural fibres (linen is made from flax plant) are bacteria resistant and hypoallergenic which is a win, win for sweaty sleepers (more on that later) and acne-prone skin.

Both our linen bedding and cotton bedding is Oeko-Tex certified which means it’s manufactured to the strictest environmental and social standards. When sleeping in linen, you can sleep soundly knowing you’re not cuddling up with harmful chemicals or synthetics. Just natural, pure linen bedding.

Linen is the perfect choice all year-round

The unique weave of linen bedding allows for airflow and makes it breathable, whilst its moisture wicking properties have the effect of a natural anti-perspirant for those hot nights spent tossing and turning. Science aside, this explains why linen bedding is always a popular choice in the summer.

What many don’t know is that linen is the perfect bedding for year-round use. If the quality and weight is right (not too dense, not too lightweight), linen bedding can also work as a natural insulator to keep you warm and cosy in the winter.

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