Set up a Blog and Earn an Income from Your Hobby

Here’s a thought, why not earn an income from your hobby by setting up a blog to supplement your pension. Turning your hobby into a paying hobby isn’t as difficult as you might think and could provide a second income whilst doing something you enjoy.

This could be you on your own, as a couple or with friends and it’s not difficult in today’s digital world to get a blog up and running in 30 minutes.

There are plenty of blogging platforms to use and some of the more well known are WordPress, Wix and Godaddy. Our recommendation by a long way, would be as they will host (make it visible online) your blog and look after the security (to keep it safe from hackers) for you so you can concentrate on the content.

With wordpress you can be up and running online within 30 minutes.

You could set up either a blog or a website but we think a blog is easier, less time consuming and more relevant to hobbies and interests.

Visit here and register and pay for an account. They have various price plan options starting from just £3 per month. You will need a few ideas for your website or blog name (domain name) that people will type into the browser to find you on the internet.

Here is a complete setup guide by WordPress that will make the journey easier for you. Once you have your blog up and running and have added content (written about the things you like) you are now ready to start earning from your beloved hobby.


Monetise your blog

Now your blog is setup, you’re ready to add content (write about stuff) and monetise it so that you earn an income from writing about your hobby and the things you enjoy.

Content is king, and the more content (blog posts) you publish on your blog site the more visitors you will get to see it. Content is what your visitors are looking for on the internet and the more quality content you have, the more visitors will find you.

earn an income from your hobby

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There are various ways to monetise a blog and the easiest and less time consuming way is to add contextual ads to your pages. Contextual ads understand intime, what your blog is about and insert ads (automatically) that are relevant to he subject or topic you write about.

For instance if your hobby or blog is about photography the ads shown to your visitors will be about photography and if you write about photographing wildlife the adverts will be relevant to photographing wildlife, very clever and relevant.

Contextual ads are less intrusive to your visitors than normal banner ads and always relevant to the subject they are searching for.

The largest contextual ads company is Adsense by Google but this platform is notoriously difficult to get approved by. They need lots of traffic (people to your site) which initially you won’t have and are very strict as to how you implement it.

We have also found that implementing Adsense can slow down your website or blog and that’s not good, visitors want fast loading sites.

The best alternative to Adsense is by Yahoo and Bing which is the 2nd largest contextual ads company in the world and easier to get approval from with low visitor numbers. are a much friendlier company to deal with and also assign you an account manager to help you implement and improve the performance of the ads on your site.

The ads from do not slow down your site and are intelligent ads, meaning they learn from your site and blend in to your content easier so are not over intrusive. The ads get better with time and as such your earnings will improve.



Once your blog is published on the internet click on this special bonus link to and once approved, as a bonus they will increase your ad revenue over and above the normal rate by 10% for the first 3 months.


Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon have an affiliate program that as a publisher you can sign up to and direct visitors from your site to Amazon by adding links in your content. Amazon will then pay you a commission based on the selling price, each category has a different rate of commission.

Whilst this program isn’t for everyone it can be quite lucrative if you put the effort in and promote products relevant to your site niche. You can sign up here: Amazon Affiliate marketing program

We hope you found this article on how to earn an income from your hobby helpful and inspiring.


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