Over 50s Adventure Holidays and Why you Should Go

Enjoying over 50s adventure holidays with like-minded travellers. The funny thing about getting older is that it’s nothing like you expected.

When you were young you probably pictured your mature self in a kind of mellow, autumnal haze – a penchant for roses and string quartets, quiet holidays in Bournemouth or a poolside villa in the Algarve.

Now that you are mature (on the outside, anyway) you are suddenly full of beans and overpowered by an urge to climb Kilimanjaro, set sail for the Antarctic or drive across Cuba in a jalopy.

Actually there’s a good chance your friends are thinking the same – although their bucket-list fantasies may involve trekking in the Himalayas, chasing the Northern Lights or ziplining through the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

And here’s some proof. Last year adventure holiday specialist Explore asked a couple of thousand Britons about their holiday experiences and dreams, and some of the most adventurous travellers turned out to be the over-55s.

More than 40 per cent of these claimed to be at the most exciting time of their lives, looking to step outside their comfort zone and explore pastures new like over 50s adventure holidays.

Almost half said they planned to visit at least one new country on their next holiday and a third were looking to travel further afield, with New Zealand topping the list.

Fly-and-flop holidays are for the young, it seems. More than a third of all those surveyed said they had enjoyed them when younger but that now they wanted to do something more adventurous on holiday.

A fifth were looking for more cultural experiences and a similar number revealed a burgeoning interest in city breaks – one in 10 put a festival on their must-do list.

Source: Read the full article here from the Telegraph

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