In Your 60s and the Things You Should be Doing (via Verywell Health)

Your 60s is a big decade for us all. Take time to make a plan for your health with these ways to live a long and healthy life in your sixties and beyond.

It’s Not Too Late for Healthy Living

Don’t think that just because you are in your 60s, all your cards have been dealt when it comes to health. Even the changes you make now can significantly improve your health and, in some cases, reverse some of the damage that has been done in your younger years.

One of the biggest longevity mistakes that people make is thinking it is “too late” for them. Healthy steps like getting your weight under control, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising at least 2.5 hours a week, and not smoking will improve your health and longevity at any age.


Keep Up Your Sex Life

Sex is an important part of life and health. You can have an active, rewarding sex life your entire life. Some even say that healthy sex life can increase your life expectancy (as if you needed another reason to keep it up).

Learn about some of the issues around sex for men and women in their 60s, and take action to maintain a healthy, rewarding sex life.


Make Time to Take Care of Your Brain

Your brain likes problems. The brain likes something to puzzle over and figure out. It loves making new connections and learning, a practice that studies have shown keeps your brain healthy. Be sure to take steps to keep your brain happy in retirement.

Avoid falling into too much of a routine and keep your brain supplied with new and challenging thoughts. From puzzles to learning new skills, more and more research shows that a healthy brain into old age depends on constant intellectual stimulation. Take some courses, learn new things, and stay smart.

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