If Luxury Watches Were Cars, What Would They Be?

The fascination for fine mechanics unites fans of sophisticated watches and luxurious cars – and even if, in rare cases, one is only interested in one of the two topics. Both car and watch manufacturers seem to be aware of this mutual appeal – as is the case with the Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling and the British carmaker Bentley, who have maintained a partnership now for almost two decades.

This has resulted in large, heavy and precious timepieces that not only exude the charm of powerful British luxury automobiles, but even bear their names. But Breitling is far from the only luxury watchmaker to have teamed up with an automaker. Such collaborations between watch and car companies are by no means new, so we started to wonder: what kind of automobile a Rolex would be like if watches were cars?

Icons in their own right: The Submariner and the Porsche 911

Let’s begin with a watch so popular that almost everyone is familiar with it: the Submariner series by Rolex. For many, these wristwatches are the archetype of a luxury watch – and for good reason. In the major cities of the world, they are likely more common than any other model from the Swiss brand with the crown. Why is that? It might be the sporty design, the impressive quality, or the list price, which is quite affordable for a Rolex. But one reason is definitely the versatility of the Submariner. It may be a diving watch, but it cuts a good a figure in the office, on the red carpet, as well as 300 metres under the sea. So what kind of car would the Submariner be?

But once explained, the answer is fairly obvious. If the Submariner didn’t have an automatic movement, but rather an automatic transmission and instead of an oscillating weight, a turbocharged eight-cylinder engine, then this would definitely be located in the rear. This is because if the Submariner were a car, it would definitely be a Porsche 911. Just like the Rolex, the silhouette of the Porsche is the epitome of a status symbol and is amazingly common on the road. Furthermore, what the Rolex Submariner and Porsche 911 have in common is . . . . continue reading the full and original article from: watchmaster.com

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