How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

It’s very important to look after any bike and to ensure that you get the most out of yours, Raleigh have put together their top tips for maintaining and looking after an electric bike, so you have more time to get out and ride.


Chances are that you rode a Raleigh when you were younger – and maybe you still do now.

Raleigh are renowned for their iconic bikes such as the Burner, Grifter and Chopper, as well as cutting-edge bikes like the TI-Raleigh Tour-de-France-winning 753 steel frames. Their bike design and wheel building still happen at their Head office in Nottingham and it is a tradition that will continue for many years to come.

Raleigh are now part of the Accell Group, a European-based company who owns a collection of Bicycle and Accessory brands throughout Europe. Nowadays they are the industry leader in Electric Bikes and design and produce iconic hybrid, vintage and kids bikes for all ages.


Most electric bike motors are sealed and don’t require servicing so there’s practically no maintenance needed. You don’t have a bottom bracket bearing like a normal bike, so one less thing to service. The motor will be serviced by your local electric bike store when you take it in for the ebike’s regular checkup.


All of our ebikes use lithium batteries and there are a few do’s and don’ts. When storing your electric bike battery it needs to be kept between 1 to 39 degrees, otherwise this will cause damage to the battery. It’s important to keep this in mind if you store your bike in a garage or shed over winter.

An easy solution is to remove the battery and store it inside. If you’re also storing your bike for a long period of time you’ll need to charge the battery every 3 months. If you don’t this, it can cause the battery to drop below residual power. It’s also worth noting that leaving your battery on charge won’t harm it, it will automatically cut off once fully charged.

We advise to clean the battery connectors with isopropanol or an alcohol-based cleaning agent then spray with GT85. This displaces the water and adds a coating that aids conductivity.


It’s important to check your tyre pressures before every ride. If tyre pressures decrease then you’re more prone to punctures. Each tyre has a different pressure so it’s best to check the advised PSI stamped into the side of the tyre.


Our number one tip from the Raleigh mechanics is to use an air duster to clean any dust or dirt from behind the buttons on your controller and display.


Along with tyre pressure we also advise you to check your brake pads before each ride. If you have rim brakes it’s very easy to check as they have wear indicators that show you when you need to replace them. With disc brakes it is a little trickier as the pads are inside the brake calliper. The easiest way to check them is to remove the wheel, this way you can see inside and check the wear on the brake pad.

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