How to Maintain Healthy Joints

This article aims to give advice on how to maintain healthy joints. Are you struggling with joint aches and pains? Do you feel stiff and battle to extend your range of motion?

You don’t have to have arthritis for joint pain and stiffness to cause problems; it’s surprisingly common among active chaps! Repetitive movements, intense exercise, poor posture, injuries, and certain lifestyle factors often result in joint pain, affecting your quality of life.

In this article, we’ll give you tips to maintain healthy joints and keep you moving smoothly as you age!


Consider taking glucosamine; it’s one of the best joint support supplements backed by countless studies!

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring component of healthy cartilage. However, its production declines as you age, leading cartilage to wear down and causing pain and inflammation. You can boost levels of glucosamine by consuming a healthy diet that contains bone broth and plenty of protein, but it also helps to take a supplement! Research shows it’s even useful for those with jaw pain stemming from the temporomandibular joint (1).


As with glucosamine, chondroitin is also a building block for healthy, elastic cartilage – the two are often found together in joint supplements. A 2018 meta-analysis found that taking regular chondroitin supplements reduced pain and improved joint function (2).


If you’re battling with achy joints and stiffness, you may have inflammation in your body. Luckily, omega-3 fatty acids can help – these essential fats are potent anti-inflammatories! They help to protect you from painful joints, relieve morning stiffness, and encourage ease of movement (3).

Omega-3 isn’t synthesised by the body and must be consumed via diet and/or supplementation. Implement these tips to increase your intake of omega-3s:

  • Eat oily fish 2-3 times per week – mackerel, trout, salmon, tuna, sardines, and herring
  • Consume omega-3s from chia seeds, flaxseeds, pecan nuts, and walnuts
  • Supplement with a high-quality fish oil supplement that’s kept in the fridge to prevent oxidation
  • Eat grass-fed meat and dairy

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