How To Fix A Cold Radiator (

In this article we look at how to fix a cold radiator, the cheapest way possible. Whether your radiator is cold at the top or the bottom, we have the solution in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Nobody likes a cold radiator, unless it’s the 3 days a year in the U.K where it’s hot enough to have your heating off. So if it’s not one of those days and your radiator is cold, what’s going on? You expect maximum performance all year round from your rads.

Could it be that you need a boiler replacement? Unless all the radiators are cold then it’s not that. If it’s just one radiator giving you problems then there are a few simple explanations as to why it’s not heating fully. Sometimes radiators will get cold at the top and hot at the bottom but it’s much more common to have issues with a radiator that’s cold at the bottom and hot at the top.

In this article we’ll explain exactly what’s going on with your radiator and how to get it back to full working capacity again.

Radiator Sludge (cause)

If your radiator is cold at the bottom and hot at the top, then the most likely cause is sludge. You may be wondering how sludge has made its way into your heating system, well don’t panic, it’s a fairly common occurrence.

Sludge is the affectionate name given by heating engineers to the build up of metallic elements mixing with dirty system water. It’s formed from the inside of your heating system (pipes and radiators) rusting over time, as water is pumped through your system it gathers up the rust and settles at the bottom of radiators.

This gathering of sludge is what stops your radiator from getting hot as the water can’t evenly distribute itself around your radiator.

Another contributor to sludge in your system is limescale, particularly if you live in a hard water area. The minerals present in hard water can solidify and become limescale. Limescale mixes with the rust and sludgey water to create an ungodly mixture sent straight from the depths of hell to ruin your heating system.

But don’t panic just yet, we can help you banish this hellish sludge back to whence it came! Begone foul creature, this is not your home.



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