How to Find Decent Tradespeople Without the Stress

If you own your own home, the chances are that it’s your most valuable asset and when it comes to modernisation or repairs, you want to be sure the tradespeople you choose is reliable and competent  – at the very least!

There are many reliable competent tradespeople around and if you can find one, you need to hang on to them. We hear and read so many horror stories about builders, plumbers and electricians etc. that it seems almost impossible to find the right person or company to have work on your home.

Where do you start?

Well, personal recommendations are a good place but you also need to do some research of your own. There are many accreditation companies out there you could choose but again – which one? Checkatrade, Rated people, Trusted Traders or what about TrustMark?

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.

When a consumer uses a TrustMark Registered Business, they know they are engaging with an organisation and tradespeople that have been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards. Further more they have made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

By ensuring all Registered Business and tradespeople adhere to and maintain these standards throughout the expert network of Scheme Providers, TrustMark gives consumers increased confidence and choice.  Additionally, in the event that a problem does arise, TrustMark offers a range of remedies to give further protection to consumers such as Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR s a way of resolving disputes that does not involve going to court. Since October 2015, the EU Directive has made it a requirement for the UK Government to have ADR Services available for use in the UK. Common forms of ADR are:

Mediation – Where an independent third party helps the parties come to a mutually agreeable outcome.

Arbitration – where an independent third party considers the facts and makes a decision that is binding.

For further advice on ADR visit Citizens Advice website


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