How to Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that’s vital for sexual development and normal growth throughout our lives and this article looks at how to boost testosterone levels.

Despite its importance, though, men tend to put too much emphasis on testosterone and its benefits. Many believe that you need high testosterone to be confident, strong and virile. By that same logic, many think that having poor health and a decreased sex drive are caused by low testosterone.

Although there can be some truth to this, the average, healthy man will have completely normal testosterone levels. Testosterone levels do decline as we age, but this happens very gradually, which means it’s unlikely to cause significant physical or sexual issues.

For this reason, most men don’t need to “boost” their testosterone levels by taking supplements or medication. The only reason you would need to increase your testosterone is if you have hypogonadism, a deficiency cause by the testicles producing little or no testosterone.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

In adult men, the symptoms of low testosterone caused by hypogonadism include: 

It’s normal for men to experience these kinds of symptoms in their later years, because there is a natural, slow decline in testosterone production. However, in men with hypogonadism symptoms will come on suddenly, and usually much earlier than they should.

What is the treatment for low testosterone?

If you think you have low testosterone you should make an appointment with your GP rather than taking “natural remedies” or finding medication online from an unlicensed shop.

Your GP can arrange a blood test to check your testosterone levels. If appropriate, they can refer to you a specialist for hormone replacement therapy. As with treatment for the female menopause, a deficiency of testosterone can be treated with testosterone tablets, patches, gels, implants or injections. Continue reading the full and original article from: Lloyds Online Pharmacy

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