Do Curly Hair Types Change During Menopause? (Prime Women)

Is it normal for curly hair types to get frizzier or for hair to go straight?

All your life people have admired your gorgeous curls and waves, but with age no one comments anymore. Has this happened to you? As we mature hair changes, there is no doubt about that. Hair becomes thinner, dull and can even become very brittle if not cared for correctly. Generally speaking, all hair becomes finer in texture as the diameter of each hair reduces with age but with curly hair types, things are a little different.

Understanding Why We Have Curls (And Others Don’t)

Take both your parents and grandmothers or grandfathers, most likely your hair will resemble one of them with age. Genetics play a role in your hair type, determining the shape of the hair follicle. The follicles determine if we have straight or curly hair. If you were to look at the follicle of straight hair, you would find it is perfectly round. The follicle of curly hair is an oval shape. The flatter the oval is, the curlier the hair will be. Think of wrapping a present with a round string versus a flat ribbon. The flat ribbon is better suited to being shaped into a curl, while the round string likely won’t be as malleable

Can Hair Change From Straight to Curly?

Hormonal changes like puberty, pregnancy and menopause can cause drastic changes in the curl pattern. When your body goes through a major hormonal change one of the side effects is a change in the shape of the hair follicle, thus changing your curl pattern. Some of you will remember this from the time of puberty.

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