Investigating the Funerals Market (Competition and Markets Authority)

In this article the CMA investigates the rising costs of the funeral market. Arranging a funeral is a difficult time in anyone’s life. We want to make sure that people in this unfortunate position are treated fairly and have access to a range of choices.

Our initial review of the funerals market found a number of concerns about the services offered by funeral directors (who help people to organise a funeral) and crematoria (who provide cremation services). We’re now carrying out an in-depth investigation into the sector to look at these concerns more closely.

We recently published our issues statement, outlining the main areas we’ll be exploring in our investigation, and the sort of measures (described as ‘remedies’) that we think might solve them, if we find there are competition problems that need to be addressed.

We’re now inviting funeral directors, cremation providers and people who have arranged a funeral to share their views.

What we’re investigating

We’ll be looking at the funerals market to understand how funeral directors and crematoria operate, and how people arranging a funeral choose the right service for them.

We know from our initial review that there are some key areas of concern we’d like to focus on, including:

  • how funeral directors and crematoria present information on prices and services, and whether it could be clearer
  • how people make decisions when arranging a funeral, and whether the quality of service is taken into account
  • whether increased prices for funeral services can be explained by cost increases or investment in quality

Martin Coleman, Chair of the investigation, explains in more detail what we’ll be focusing on:

Source: Read more here  from the Competition and Markets Authority




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