Choose a Digital Ready, No Landline Personal Alarm

Personal alarms can help you or a loved one live confidently and independently for longer. With a personal alarm, you can quickly and easily call for help should you have an emergency such as a fall.

Not all alarms need a telephone landline so prepare for the digital switchover with a digital personal alarm.

However, traditional personal alarms rely on the analogue telephone network to alert the Emergency Resolution centre. The digital switchover, known as BT Digital Voice, will replace all analogue telephone lines with digital lines by 2025.

This will have an impact on any equipment that relies on a telephone landline to operate, such as traditional personal alarms.

Are personal alarms compatible with BT’s Digital Voice?

If your landline is due to be upgraded and you want to use a personal alarm, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can choose to opt-out of the upgrade so your landline personal alarm continues to work with the analogue telephone line. This shouldn’t be considered a long-term solution as analogue telephone lines will no longer be maintained after 2025.
  2. Or once your landline has been upgraded, you can connect your personal alarm to the new equipment provided by the telephone provider. You may need to use an Analogue Telephone Adapter. However, in the event of a power cut, your personal alarm would have to rely on a backup power source.
  3. The recommended solution for most users is to upgrade to a digital personal alarm. These do not rely on a telephone landline and so are unaffected by the Digital Voice upgrade.

What is the best digital personal alarm to choose?

Which is the best  for you depends on what features and wearable options you would like.

To help you, we have a handy personal alarm comparison feature online. You can choose a personal alarm based on how you want to wear it, whether you want fall detection, an activity monitor, mobile calling and more.

Here are 4 popular digital personal alarms:

1. Taking Care Anywhere

If you want to combine the reliability of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection and GPS tracking, Taking Care Anywhere is a good choice.

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