Best Style for Older Men

Style for older men should be simple, elegant, and thoughtful. This is a guide to the best style for dressing your age and looking your best. If you’re a man on the good side of fifty—that is, the plus side—this brief and easy-to-use guide is for you.

It includes both specific articles of clothing, as well as information and thoughtful suggestions from some of the most forward-looking fashion blogs and sites out there. I especially like the advice given by the foremost journal of male style, Esquire Magazine. I hope this article gives you some usable ideas on how to dress well, and how us older men can still make a statement with our style decisions.

Aging With Style: Some Basics

Looking like we still care—and we do still care, right?—means making some clean, clear decisions about how we want to look.

  • Older men like us are best off choosing one general look and then sticking to it. For example, if you feel good in a blazer and jeans, then don’t ditch that style just because you’re getting a little older.
  • Style stays; fashions fade. Instead of chasing trends, men our age can rely on a crisp white shirt, a pair of good-fitting blue jeans, and a sleek pair of brown cap-toe Oxfords. Add a slim-cut navy blazer if the occasion calls for it. That’s easy style that has always looked good, and always will. Like us.
  • If you’re in the mood, a subtly patterned tie is always appropriate for older men, and it will pull your look together.
  • Finally, we never wear white running shoes, unless we’re out running. And even then, consider some black or dark gray Nikes.

Source: Read the full article here from Bellatory


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