Ageing and What to Expect in your 60’s

What to expect in your 60’s is the 2nd part of a series of 3 articles that looks at the changes you can expect to see and feel in your mind and body with each decade past your 40’s. As we all know, with each decade that passes by after our 40’s, we start to notice more changes and in this series of articles from WebMD,  they explain what to expect in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s

A Happier Decade

Surveys show that aging and happiness often form a U-shaped curve. The line dips slowly from your youth to your middle years, then rises in your 40s and 50s. About 1 in 3 people in their 60s say they’re “very happy” — slightly more than those under 35. Life probably taught you to savor good times and know that bad times will pass. But your golden decade can bring new challenges, like health or money worries and the deaths of loved ones.

Cancer Risks

If you ever find out you have cancer, you’re most likely to get the news in your 60s. Half of breast cancers are diagnosed at age 61 or older. For colon cancer, the median age is 68. Older age is what’s most likely to raise your odds of having all types of cancer. Get your recommended screenings. Ask your doctor how often you should go in for mammogram, colonoscopy, or prostate tests.

Hearing Loss

Wait … what? Four out of 10 Americans in their 60s have trouble hearing. It’s one of the most common conditions of aging. Hair cells in your inner ear naturally die off as you get older. Infections, heart conditions, stroke, head injury, or certain medications also can erode your hearing. Yet 80% of people who may benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them. Even most of those who do wait more than 10 years on average before they get help.


No, getting older does not have to equal putting on the pounds. Yes, your metabolism — how quickly your body burns calories — often slows as you age. But a poor diet and lack of exercise probably are bigger reasons why the number on your scale climbs higher in your 60s. So get active, build more fat-burn muscles, and watch what you eat.

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