50 Women Reveal the Best 70th Birthday Gifts They Won’t Forget! (sixtyandme.com)

Your 70th birthday is a big one! I am going to experience if first hand myself this year. The inevitable question is, “What gift would you like?” It will come as no surprise that my first wish would be to have my sons and grandchildren all together. Since that may not be possible, I am not sure how to celebrate.

70th Birthday Gifts: Does It Really Matter?

Like so many women, my first reaction is to say, “It really doesn’t matter. It’s just another birthday.” We often tell family and friends that we are downsizing and really don’t really need a gift!

But any birthday that ends with a zero seems worthy of some special recognition. So, I reached out to the fabulous women in our Sixty and Me community for inspiration.

Not surprisingly, many agreed with my own feelings that most of us don’t really need more ‘things’ and that the best gift for a 70th birthday party would be shared family time and memories.

Others offered some great ideas for adventures and experiences that would be fun. High tea, a sunny solo beach holiday or a visit to a spa were all wonderful suggestions.

I personally would recommend checking out our own “Aging Beautifully” affirmation cards. They make a wonderful gift. Created with love, they offer inspiration for a full and joyful life.

Fifty 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is the complete list of 50 amazing 70th birthday gift suggestions:

Janet – No gifts, I’d just like my family to take time to celebrate with me.

Joan – Not things! Time and attention.

Dianne – A memory book with reminders of family and shared experiences!

Cherril – Store voucher or a notebook, candles and soap.

Jane – Sunny beach holiday.

Melinda – Helicopter ride!

Sandra – Six days in Santa Fe, a magical place. No gifts, just memories and photos.

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