5 Satisfying and Healthy Breakfast Swaps Worth Making

Staying healthy doesn’t have to cost the earth. Sophie Medlin tells Liz Connor about some simple ways you can shake up your morning routine.

If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, a healthy breakfast is a good place to start. It’s the first meal of the day, which means it can often set the tone for how and what you eat later in the afternoon.

That said, most of us live busy lives and – no matter what health bloggers on Instagram might portray – plating up a gourmet breakfast every morning isn’t always realistic. Not only are we often short of time, but plenty of trendy breakfast ‘health’ foods like chia seeds, avocado and nuts are expensive to eat day-in day-out.

Thankfully, you can still have a healthy, satisfying breakfast without breaking the bank or slaving away at the stove.

“Breakfast can be a great opportunity to get in one or two portions of fruit or vegetables, and making some simple swaps can improve the nutritional quality of your breakfast significantly,” says Sophie Medlin, consultant dietician and director of CityDieticians.

Here, she shares a handful of simple changes that can supercharge your early morning routine…

1. Instead of a big bowl of cereal, try a low-fat greek yogurt with some frozen berries and a handful of cereal

Cereal with a splash of milk is one of the most convenient breakfast options going, but some types can be loaded with hidden sugars, and Medlin believes it might not be the right nutritional balance for your morning.

“Most of us do sedentary jobs, meaning we sit down for most of the day, so having a big bowl of energy from carbohydrates in the morning may be more than you really need,” she says.

Instead of loading up your bowl with tonnes of cereal, why not add some other foods into the mix? “Yogurt, for example, gives plenty of protein which will help to keep you fuller for longer over the morning, as well as giving you lots of essential nutrients like calcium and B vitamins.”

She also suggests buying frozen berries (rather than fresh) as a cheaper way to get some extra vitamins and fibre into your brekkie. “The nutrients in blueberries, in particular, have even been shown to boost mental performance,” she notes.

Here are a handful of simple changes that can supercharge your early morning routine…

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